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What is the Interevene Challenge?

The Intervene Challenge is a one day training event in suicide intervention using the Listen Learn Lead Model of Suicide Intervention, developed by Army Chaplain Lou Koon in conducting more than 2,000 successful suicide interventions in both military and civilian communities. Individuals from all walks of life are invited to participate. The training also offers CEUs for mental health professionals and POST credit for law enforcement. 

Take the Challenge gain the skills that save lives.


Join more than 27,000 caring individuals in the

growing network of care guiding others to safe harbor.

Insights from Participants

I  have participated in the training multiple times- it's that good. The first time for my own benefit and thereafter to have my fellow Chaplains at the Atlanta Airport Chapel trained where I served as Executive Director. In the first hour your awareness goes through the roof.  You begin to think about people you know, family and friends, you should probably have a caring conversation with. Each hour thereafter builds upon the last.  My understanding of the community impact is much deeper. I have a greater awareness of the culture of suicide and how to develop a culture of health.  I know now that it is not so much the answers we give as the questions we ask that have incredible power to transform a crisis into a positive that reawakens the life side of the heart and mind.  Rapport is built and deepened with each step and transition through the model. The Core Values are engrained in your mental toolbox through deeply moving roleplays and simulation exercises. The stories and illustrations that Lou offers from his personal experience bring clarity and instill confidence participants need to do likewise. The Challenge greatly reduces fears for the caregiver by addressing the myths that many people believe about this subject. Lou’s openness about his own experience with PTS is extremely helpful as well as hopeful.  The L3 curriculum is more than a suicide intervention training it is LIFE training. Take the Intervene Challenge!

Chaplain Adrien Neely

As the Crisis Intervention Team Leader, I have attended countless intervention trainings. Unlike all others, the Intervene Challenge and Lou’s L3 curriculum uniquely teaches our officers the one sign that is always present and most often missed when there no other signs. It is a training that all people should take. As a training officer, I call Lou for all our required intervention training for our personnel, and when my church asked for a training recommendation I gave them three words—The Intervene Challenge.  

Sgt Renee McCollum Fayette County Sheriff’s Office

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